2 Yard Dumpster in Houston

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A 2 yard dumpster is common for smaller businesses with less than 25 employees.  This dumpster is equivalent to roughly two and a half 96-gallon plastic carts and can hold approximately 14 large bags of trash or a total weight of around 400 lbs.  Containers can be made lockable and wheels can also be added to make your dumpster placement more manageable. 

These commercial dumpsters would be used for more common trash such as food waste, cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum; they should not be used for appliances, electronics, chemical waste or medical waste.  These smaller dumpsters are a great option for those looking for an affordable dumpster rental.

Common Applications

  • Small restaurants
  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Small retail stores
  • Gas Station or Convenience Store
  • Automotive shops
  • Small Clinics and Medical Offices
  • Townhome, duplex or fourplex

*Dumpster styles may vary depending on the container manufacturer and availability.

Key Features

Front-loading door that opens and shut for loading bulk items.


Holds 8 Pickup Truck Loads

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Local Dumpster Rental Service Areas

Concrete driveways can crack under the stress of a heavy dumpster and asphalt driveways can be particularly vulnerable – especially in hot weather. If this is something you are worried about, there are ways to reduce or virtually eliminate the risk of damage. For starters, we can deliver a smaller container with a light-duty truck. You can also lay 4’x’8’ sheets of plywood or 2”x 4” posts to redistribute the weight. Please talk with our representatives about other options.

Common household and construction debris. No liquid or hazardous waste. If you are disposing of tile, concrete or bricks then you may need a special container.

Orders are taken over the phone. Any additional paperwork is done electronically by e-signature or email.

Generally, you cannot put your container on a public street. Some rural areas may allow this. Urban areas (such as high-rise construction) will use public streets but they are gated off.